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Medical appointments, Best and worse of Covid, People say darndest things

Medical appointments during Covid

We all have to deal with our problems, medical issues, etc within new parameters because of the virus. There are new risks to weigh, and some things are no longer within the same reach. My oncology appointment has been cancelled twice. I can't get my mammogram. It's just the way it is. I am hoping everything is alright, and I don't need to worry. I hope the same for you all. That things can comfortably, and safely, wait a bit.


I’ve been using the portal constantly, writing to the doctors instead of seeing them. It’s been a hassle for sure. We can’t get the tests done because they’re not essential so we’re managing the issues. This means three new medications. Three! Eating differently. More pain. And three new medications to manage instead of cure. I can’t get over that! The doctors aren’t remembering what we’ve already discussed, they’re not understanding our tension about going into the clinics for bloodwork. Probably everyone is distracted these days, the doctors as well.


Trying to sort out what symptoms are important enough for me to contact the doctors, or to actually meet with them, is tricky.


You have to take this all in stride. This Coronavirus pandemic is out of our control. I had to have some video calls with doctors and some appointments had to get postponed because the wifi at my brother's house was bad early this week. The appointment was rescheduled for his office.

**Never worry about what is not in your control because your problem is not going to get solved faster. Life is too short to be worrying about what we can't control.

It's been the best of times.....and the worst of times....


I helped clean up my brother's yard. E. and I brought a small dresser. I took out some outdoor furniture on my balcony and hung up five pictures and cleaned my apartment and organized it.


I’ve been feeling super relaxed not going 5000 mph, it’s nice to slow down a bit. I can slow down, it’s wonderful.


For people who have a disability, getting out is a big thing so for us being quarantined is really hard because you go from being quite isolated to be completely isolated.


I have been looking out my apartment windows for nearly two years now, long before the COVID lockdown came about.  At first I was focusing on the other residents, walking dogs in the parking lot or going off to work. My attitude was either one of envy (I had to leave my beloved job two years ago) or anger (they often did not respect the after-hours quiet time and partied right under my window.)  But as time went on, I got into the habit of reading the large colored note I tacked next to my biggest window.  It reads:

I will have all the energy and strength needed to heal if I concentrate it on myself rather than allowing it to leak all over everyone else's business.

I quit spying on dog owners who refused to pick up after their pets. I stopped being angry at the building manager who spent her days smoking at the picnic table instead of cleaning up the messes in the hallway. I ceased the unhealthy practice of listening for the 5 a.m. loud muffler car that fired up each morning right outside my bedroom.

I began focusing on the joys I could 'encounter' outside my window and continue to do so during this time of seclusion: I took (blurry) photos of the bald eagle preening himself in the tree not 30 feet away. I looked up in my bird identification book to discover that the funny white swimmers going by in the slow creek were male mergansers. I listened to the dear sound of the blackbirds in the cattails. I watched the antics of the starlings as they flew across the parking lot, a long trail of buff-colored grass in their beaks, headed to a new nesting sight. When I hear an airplane approaching, I run from one window to another, trying to catch a glimpse of it and wonder if it is the local pilot that I know.

By altering my attitude, I now enjoy looking out my window. It brings me joy!


I have more time, even though I was going to the gym before, now I have more time to work out, and to take my son out.


It triggers every bad memory, every traumatic moment of my youth, it’s horrible, absolutely awful for me.


In my case, my grandmother just passed away, not being able to do her funeral service, that can be very hard. We got the obituary done and that’s good. It will take forever to have the funeral when it should have taken a week or two. We have a huge family, we want the whole family to be there. We’re going to wait to bury my grandmother until everybody can come. My grandmother had seven kids so you can imagine how many members of the family we have and we're going to wait to bury her until everyone can come from everywhere.


One of the few opportunities I used to have to get out was going grocery shopping with my aide. But I detest the overwhelming feeling of stores like that and my least favorite thing are the trashy magazines at the checkout counter. Now i have zero contact with such things and I don't miss it a bit!


Hardest....  no one is going to work now so all the families are home here at the apartment building and it is NOISY, NOISY, NOISY!


One thing I've decided to believe is that everyone is smiling kindly behind their mask.


I’m loving being home now. It’s such a good thing for me. I was doing too much for too long and I needed this time off.  I’m sleeping more, I like to think I’m helping heal my body by being so quiet and relaxing, walking outside and not rushing all the time. The past few decades have been really busy for me, dealing with medical appointments all the time and coping and managing and dealing dealing dealing with everything! Having this quiet time, few medical appointments, little work, few people coming to the house…I’m able to just be with myself. It’s such a great chance to get to know myself again, without all the busyness of normal life, without focusing on disability or illness. I feel like this is such a blessed gift for me personally. 


Given my spiritual bent, I am always trying to focus, or refocus, my energies toward embracing the positive in any given situation. 

The other day I finally gave in and went grocery shopping. Barely anyone was there and barely any groceries were stocked. 

Everyone there was masked and I was unsure if my BFF was there and we couldn't recognize her. So I decided that I would assume everyone was looking at me with love and joy in their hearts and I returned the same. It changed the whole experience for me. 

I still am bothered by the pervasive silence this period has brought. I am still very much grief stricken after losing my daughter. I am trying to practice intentional dreaming and I am getting better at it, but still only partially successful at it. 

Last night I dreamt that my basement was flooded and the water came in from everywhere. I noticed that there were frogs on roller skates just flowing out of the washing machine all happily cavorting in the flood. 

LOL. I don't think it would take Carl Jung very long to analyze that dream!


Best of times: Not much has changed for me personally, my outings prior to Covid-19 were pretty much limited to visiting the IC. The one exciting change has been meeting new people on Zoom and realizing how meaningful online socializing can be. Once we reopen I am looking forward to integrating our friends at a distance into daily IC activities.

Worst of times: Watching the anguish of front- line people who work tirelessly to help others. The heartbreak is unimaginable, from those at the top whose years of medical training fail them to those who must clean-up once someone has passed. Heaven help us all.


My pleasant feelings are of slowing down and taking the time “ to see the roses” and

appreciating my home my family. friends and nature and finding my inner talents cooking, knitting and above all learning to be a self healer.

The worst is allowing my fears to control me.

Also worrying about the health of everyone in our world family.


It was the best of times ...                                                      It was the worst of times

Saving $$$ on eating out                                                 Not seeing my grandchildren

                                                                                               Not seeing my daughter

Saving $$$ on shopping                                                   Boston Marathon cancelled

My pants are falling off                                                      My pants are falling off

Cancer sucks                                                                  Libraries and theaters closed

Zoom in your pj’s                                                                No hugs, hand shakes

We are all getting through it                                       Nobody knows when it will end

Things slowly reopening                                           Sacrificing safety for political gain

Enjoying the beauty of spring                                          No grocery carry out

Everybody I know is on board with safety                 Everybody knows I am home, can

               Requirements                                                          can't fake missing calls

ASL sign interpreters at all                                              That snotty bag boy at 

      press conferences                                                            the grocery  store

Church services online                                          I desperately need: mani,pedi,cut &                                                                                                             color

Hospitals are well protected                                No visitors in hospital. I’m bored                                                                                                                  there

Hiding behind mask, I can ignore                          I still have not done chores I had People I do not want to chat with                                                                                  said I would do


Irish Toast: May you taste the pleasures the fortune has bestowed, and may all your friends remember all the favors you are owed

Looking Out my window  

People say and do the darnedest things

There are groups in my area for people who want to help 'the vulnerable'. I think that’s beautiful. I’m also amazed at how these groups, who include many people I know, haven’t contacted us. They’re not thinking we’re vulnerable?! 

I suppose possibilities for their not contacting us could include: they don’t like us, are afraid of us, afraid of disability, think we’re strong enough, think there are two or more in the house so we don’t need assistance, think we should contact them and ask for help, have a picture in their mind of what a vulnerable or needy person looks or behaves like and we don’t fit that description… 

In any case, whatever they're thinking, once again, people with disabilities or medical issues (who aren’t in their 80’s or 90’s) have to put ourselves out there and ask for help. Very difficult position to be in….


Suck it Up: We are not all QUITE in the same boat:

Sometimes even the best-meaning people will comment on how much it sucks to be confined at home. While the expected answer is a commiserating “ain’t it awful”, as a person with disabilities, on a disgruntled day I feel like saying: “With all due respect, your not being able to go wherever you want whenever is not equivalent to life as a person with a disability, Isolation for us is different and familiar. Many of us have either never been able to drive or have lost our ability to drive; if we can drive we are still at the mercy of unpredictable medical conditions. Even PC (pre-Corona) I did not casually pop into my car to run a few errands. Every trip had to be planned around anticipated muscle weakness and pop-up fatigue. I would drive 2 miles twice a week to meet with my IC friends, but some weeks that was it. One gets used to clipped wings, so my advice to the newly stuck at home is suck it up.”

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when Covid times are over?

Go to Disney World!!!

Visit my son.

Eat out.

Go to the beach.

Go back into the stores and get a haircut. I will be called"Cousin It' pretty soon.

               Jokes - by Cory

Prediction:  There's going to be a minor baby boom in nine months and then one day in 2033, we shall witness the rise of THE QUARANTEENS.


If you need 244 rolls of toilet paper for 14 days of being quarantined then you should have been seeing a doctor long before you saw me today.

Every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring the advice of a scientist. 


Day 1.  I have stocked up enough non - perishable food and supplies to last me months, maybe years, so I can remain Isolated for as long as it takes to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

Day 1 + 45 minutes.    I am in the supermarket because I wanted a Twix and a Butterfinger.

(Robin to Batman) Holy Coronavirus! 

We need toilet paper, Batman! 

(Batman) It's a respiratory virus, not Chipotle!

Two girls are arguing with their boyfriends during the coronavirus pandemic and say "You said that you were sick!"

 The boyfriends reply "No, we said we have a case of Corona"!

Doctor: "Your COVID - 19 test results came back positive". 

Patient: That can't be correct. I still have more than 300 rolls of toilet paper!"

Corona beer is going to change their name to avoid association with the coronavirus pandemic. They are going to be called Ebola Extra.

Kid:  Hey Mom, when is this coronavirus pandemic thing going to be over? 

Mom: I don't know. Just shut up and eat your clean toilet paper.

I washed my hands so often due to the coronavirus pandemic, that my exam notes from 1976 resurfaced.

I was waiting for the perfect time to change my Facebook password so I am not hacked and it doesn't get much better than a national lockdown.

A bar in my neighborhood is delivering entire liters of their premixed margaritas for $25.00. You get a complimentary roll of toilet paper with your order and it's really starting to feel as if there are no rules any more.

Son: "Why is my sister's name Paris, Dad?"

Dad: "Because we conceived her in Paris."

Son: "Thanks, Dad."

Dad: "No problem, Quarantine."

Has anyone let the Amish know what is going on?

I expected my apocalypse outfit to look like a suit of armor. Instead it is a pair of pajamas!

Jean: Come over.

Me:  I can't because I am in self - isolation.

Jean:  My parents are not home.


Let's not forget that Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband. So let's think positively during the coronavirus pandemic here! 

My dog is not used to me being home during the day, and wearing masks, and is looking at me from different angles of the house.

Jean: Come over.

Me:  I can't because I am in self - isolation.

Jean:  My parents are not home.


Let's not forget that Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband. So let's think positively during the coronavirus pandemic here! 

My dog is not used to me being home during the day, and wearing masks, and is looking at me from different angles of the house.


LRRH:I am not scared of you! I am young!I don't need to self - isolate! 

THE CORONAVIRUS : I know you aren't. I am here to follow you to grandma's house.

Question:Why is it called the novel coronavirus? Answer:It's a long story...

I'll tell you a Coronavirus joke now but you'll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.

Nail salons, hair salons, waxing centers and tanning places are closed for awhile. It is about to get wild out there.

Finland closed their borders. Do you know what that means? No one is going to be able to cross the Finnish line!

I ran out of toilet paper and had to start using old newspapers. The times are very rough!

What should you do if you don't understand the coronavirus jokes? 

Be patient

If the Coronavirus is not about beer, why do I keep cases of it?

Yeah, I have huge plans for tonight. I'll hit the living room couch around 7:00 pm or 8:00pm for excitement..

There are a lot of coronavirus jokes out there, it's just a pundemic!

Question, What did the man say to the bartender? 

Answer, "I'll have a Corona, hold the virus".

I know a great story about the Coronavirus. You won't get it.

The peanuts at the bars haven't tasted the same since everybody has been washing their hands.

Breaking News! Apparently the first person in the United States has died of the coronavirus. In his house was 1,000 cans of food, 50 gallons of pasta, 300 rolls of toilet paper, 80 pounds of rice and 50 gallons of hand sanitizer that was stockpiled "just in case". The whole lot collapsed and buried him.

Back in the day, the only time we started panic buying was when the bartender yelled "last call".

My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant lately, now when I pee I clean the toilet.

To those people who bought twenty bottles of soap and left nothing on the shelf for other people, you must realize that to stop getting the coronavirus, you are going to need other people washing their hands too!

With all the talk about the Coronavirus, the people who make sanitizer are rubbing their hands together!