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Toilet Paper Theory by P,

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Poem "A Measured Hour" by M., 

Covid Experiences, 
Poem, "A small bit of Rope" by M


Years ago a friend of mine Stewart and myself were sitting up at night playing two handed poker and drinking beer.   Stu  is much younger than myself and we were talking about how people tended to view life differently as they got older.  We came up with the following analogy 

 " toilet paper theory"

Basically - your life is like a roll of toilet paper.

When you're young you waste a lot of sheets.    You think the roll will never end, or at least the end of the roll is so far away that you never think of it.  You take the roll for granted.  You pull the roll hard and just let it fly, sometimes even letting it roll out in  a pile on the floor.  

 When you get older, that's when you notice that your role is actually getting smaller.  The older you get the less sheets you have left and the more  valuable each sheet becomes.  You realize how important each sheet is and you start looking at how you can get the most out of each and every sheet.

Most people never know how much is actually  left in the role at any given time.  Kind of like when you go to McDonald's and in the stall the roles are covered with that stainless steel cover that doesn't let you see how much is left on  the roll.

The take away - use your sheets wisely.  Get the most out of every sheet because someday the roll will run out.



Information on Disabilities and medical issues 


There's no denying that ALS is a terrible disease and I wish I didn't have it however I don't want to be defined by the disease.   I don't consider myself somebody that is dying from ALS rather I consider myself some of those living my life the best I can.  I just happen to have ALS.

I once read a blog post that stated that  ALS is pretty much a death sentence.   I had to reply to the Post To State my belief that  ALS is  not a death sentence anymore than life itself is a death sentence. We all are born into this world and live our lives until eventually we die.   We have been doing this  for thousands of years.  Some people live longer than others that's just a fact of life.   More important than how long we live is what we do with our life while we're here. It's quality that's important not quantity.   I think there are plenty of people out there who are far less fortunate than myself who do not have ALS.  The more I look around the more I realize how truly lucky I am to be here this long and to live the life that I live. 


I now have psoriasis. I use a coconut oil/cannabis mixture that is working really well to heal the skin. It’s such a relief to have found something that deals with the symptoms. What I’d really like now is to get rid of the condition, though.

For me, having psoriasis, on top of everything else I’m dealing with, is a symbol that my body is struggling. This depresses me. So now I have all the other issues, psoriasis and depression. Fun times.....



The night has turned, the hand has arched

From twelve to one the numbers marched

A model set by terms of men,

Retired days not seen again.

Are neatly packed into the past

First this, then this, yester last.

But knows the bird ten feet from me

With one eye open in the tree

That breathes a time no numbers know,

A gentler night, a richer flow

Than twelve to one will ever give

How beit long I'll ever live.



When Covid hit, I witnessed a marked change in the agencies that were helping me. I began to fall through  the cracks and my services were either really messed up or ceased altogether.  At first I was outraged. Then I realized that I was not the only one suffering from the new circumstances.

I began to have compassion for the overwhelmed and overworked agencies. Every person I spoke  with on the  phone was just that.... a person. With feelings, exhaustion, worry.  I told them that I sympathized with what they  were going through. I used the phrase "you must be so overwhelmed to not have called me back for 2 weeks now" and in their voices I heard instant gratitude.  Can you imagine what it is like to have your normal work routine uprooted, to have to make these calls from home, to utilize new phone systems that don't work,  to have clients yelling at you daily through no fault of your own?

It certainly caused my own anger to fly out the window when I put myself in their shoes.  We can only hope that these difficult times get back to what they were before, as soon as possible!


A Small Bit of Rope

A small bit of rope

Given to me today

In a song

I was seeing threads

waving against blue sky

Delicate and useless

My gift today is old and worn

Yet, it is substantially more

than a thread

And it will hold a bit longer