Covid Time, Inclusion Center newsletter

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                             People in masks, Art of the Plagues

Our local artist, Alexa has some Covid fun! 

During this time when we are all supposed to be

 wearing masks, I thought it would be cute 

and funny if humans were wearing

 animal themed face masks to look like their pets. 

From the Black Death to Corona,  widespread horrors have been captured by artists.


From 1347 to 1353 over 50% of the population of Europe perished from the plague.  This image from the 1340's shows people making coffins and loading them.  More on this topic here.

The 1600's saw another devastating plague that inspired great religious art.  

Saint Rosalie Interceding for the Plague-Stricken of Palermo, 1624 is an example.  Read more.

The above  self portrait of Edvard Munch (painted The Scream) is one of the most famous painting of the Spanish Flu of 1918, an pandemic that killed 50 million people.  Click here for a recent Time Magazine article that sheds more on this topic. 

Articles and images on how contemporary artists are responding to the Corona virus abound. The image at the left is by Lorenzo Mattotti, an Italian comics artist. For other examples of how this pandemic is portrayed  click here. .