Covid Time, Inclusion Center newsletter

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May 2020


We are meeting on Zoom! It took a few weeks for us to become comfortable with this new way of being together, but it is working well now. 

IC continues to grow as we meet new people through our zoom connection. People who are usually unable to attend events in person can now attend Inclusion Center through Zoom. It's very nice for all of us to meet these new individuals. 

If you would like to join us on zoom, send us an email   

Stay safe everyone,

From all of us at Inclusion Center

In this issue: WRITINGSMedical appointments, Best and worse of Covid, People say darndest things. INTRODUCTIONS : There are many involved in Inclusion Center. here are just a few of us. ART NEAR AND FAR:  People in Pet Masks, Art of the Plagues

Inclusion Center Schedule 

(on Zoom)

Monday and Friday:

Work Group 10:30 to 11:00 (all are welcome)

Session 11:00 to 12:30 


Work Group 10:30 to 11:00 (all are welcome)

Session 11 to 12:00 Conversation Cafe, 

Mondays and Fridays are light- with games, improv, music and silliness. 

Wednesdays are Conversation Cafe -serious discussions on 'hot' topics.

Projects of ours for everyone to participate in! Join the I.C. fun! 


Draw a famous painting, then add yourself to the painting.


Create a short entertaining video of any sort.


Write a short story.

Add some art, or have someone else 

from I.C. do the art for your story.

For weeks Deneley works endlessly to try and track Corona down and put an end to her schemes, but so far she has remained elusive.

Deneley stares at the file with tired and blurry eyes as he tried to make sense of the writing in front of him, before he simply lost all his patience and threw the file onto the floor.

"Damn it all! Why did it have to be her?! She is most dangerous and wanted criminal of her time! I saw her die in that explosion!"

Exhaling a sigh of deep frustration and fear he rubs his hands over his tired eyes as he tries to calm his shot nerves.

To be continued!


Take photos of your haircuts! 

Or photos of yourself before the haircuts! 

Make your hair into other looks and share with us!


Take photos of what you see out your window. 

Share other photos as well.

Keep a journal about this time. 

It’s a once in a lifetime experience 

we're living through. 

Your journal will be valuable for people 

to read in the future.

We now have a private closed 

facebook page only for people 

who want to converse. 

All healthy conversation is welcome. 

Let us know if you'd like 

to join the conversations.

This is a heavily moderated group.

[email protected]

Things you can do from home 

during Covid times

Join Inclusion Center zoom sessions

Participate, with Inclusion Center, in any of  the activities we've mentioned right on the other side of this page!

Read books of any kind, including children's books! Children's books are light, cute, calming and can feel just right during these times.

Teach your pet a new trick.

Learn a new skill. Whether it's whistling, coloring, writing to friends, or something fancy like knitting or playing an instrument. Learning anything new is challenging and can be a lot of fun.

Help with the chores. Cook! Clean up more than usual! Helping with chores can feel good for everyone!

Call a friend.

Write a poem. 

Go for a walk.

Play a game from your past.

Google 'what the heck can I do from home during coronavirus'!

Follow Inclusion Center's facebook page, we often post activities to do, plays to watch and more.

Recommended site for an art project

More we can do to help stay connected with I.C. during this unusual time:

l. Send photos of what you're up to. We will share through fb.

2. Write us notes telling what you're thinking about and/or doing, and how you're feeling.

3. Send us your drawings to share of any sort on any topic.

4. Share positive fb posts. Silly, beautiful, touching...anything that feels good.

5. Be in touch if you're feeling depressed, scared, vulnerable. We are here to help.

6. Contact us if you have a big need. We will post on fb and see what we can do.